1. Jerry Scdoris, Bend, Oregon
2. Jeff Conn, Ester , Alaska
3. Stacey Teasley, Jackson , Wyoming
4. Jerry Bath, Lander , Wyoming
5. Bruce Magnusson, Cheyboygan, Michigan
6. Blayne Buddy Streeper, Fort Nelson, BC Canada
7. Eli Golton, Bancroft , Ontario Canada
8. Dave Turner, Sandy , Oregon
9. Dennis Laboda, Hovland, Mn
10. JR Anderson, Cook , Mn
11. Ryan Redington, Wasilla , Ak
12. Jake Golton, L'Amable, Ontario Canada
13. John Stewart, Draper , Ut
14. Al Borak, Cheyboygan, Michigan
15. Monica Zappa, Kasilof , Ak

Jerry Scdoris, Bend, Oregon

JERRY SCDORIS from Bend, Oregon

After an all-too-long hiatus from racing sled dogs himself, Jerry Scdoris is returning to the racing scene for this year’s 20th Anniversary IPSSSDR. “Stage racing is the most challenging format in sled dog racing and I love it! This is my third year of participation in Wyoming. Great expectations, anticipation and preparation have gone into my entry in the 2015 Wyoming Stage Stop. I will be celebrating my 67th birthday on the trail!" exclaims an enthusiastic Jerry. 

Jeff Conn, Ester , Alaska


 JEFF CONN from Ester, Alaska 

Currently a retired USDA  Agricultural Research Scientist, Jeff Conn is a long time sprint racer with two ISDRA gold medals to his credit in the 10-dog sprint class. He began mushing in 1983 with a retired Iditarod leader who he used to pull a sled on ski trips, then acquired two more dogs and, impressed with their speed, started racing. Progressing through the limited classes, Jeff then started racing the open class in 1989 with numerous top 10 finishes in open class. This year marks Jeff’s third trip to the IPSSSDR.


Stacey Teasley, Jackson , Wyoming

 STACEY TEASLEY from Jackson, Wyoming

“I love being a musher. I love my family.
I love my dogs. I love to do, learn and listen. I love to tell stories and I love to dance — that pretty much sums me up,” explains Stacey Teasley. She will be bringing another fine team to the starting line as well as perhaps the most upbeat attitude you're likely to experience on or off a sled. Stacey has shown how much she’s already learned with a Stage win last year at Lander. But she may not be satisfied with just one this year.


Jerry Bath, Lander , Wyoming


from Lander, Wyoming

After several years of weekend races, Jerry says he finally decided to “put on the Big Boy pants" in 2010 and entered his first IPSSSDR — and he hasn’t missed racing it since. Jerry and his wife, Sandy, were the foundation of an outstanding Lander IPSSSDR checkpoint long before he decided to race in it. Having one of the smaller kennels in the race and also being busy cutting wild game professionally, Jerry starts training his team later than many but always shows up with a very well-prepared and competitive team. We all look forward to seeing them again this year.

Bruce Magnusson, Cheyboygan, Michigan


 BRUCE MAGNUSSON from Manchester, Michigan

This year marks the ninth consecutive International Pedigree® Stage Stop Sled Dog Race that Bruce Magnusson has entered; that’s more consecutive race entries than any other IPSSSDR competitor in the history of our event. And Bruce makes no secret about training to win. He and his wife Monica have dominated the Midwest races they have chosen to enter and they will do what they can to unseat current IPSSSDR champion.


Blayne Buddy Streeper, Fort Nelson, BC Canada


from Fort Nelson, BC, Canada

With wins in 3 of the last 4 IPSSSDRs and another win back in 2004, Blayne “Buddy” Streeper is definitely the team to beat. Whenever and wherever the Streepers decide to go racing, you can bet they are there to win as they often do, including10-time World Champion, 8-time Canadian Champion and 5-time IPSSSDR Champion along with numerous other awards. Buddy and his wife Lina also share “lots of dog related stuff” with their daughters, Clara and Alva. So look out — the next Streeper generation is coming!

Eli Golton, Bancroft , Ontario Canada

 ELI GOLTON  from Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

Twenty year old Eli began dog sledding at age 2 with his father. Racing competitively in adult divisions by age 12, he shared a kennel of Alaskan Huskies with his Dad and brother Jake. Since then he’s raced the Ontario Circuit as well as the Can Am Crown, Maine and in Michigan. He was the gold medalist for the OFSS race circuit (2010 and 2012) as well as handler and trainer for Aaron Peck in 2013’s racing season. Eli says he’s looking forward to returning to Wyoming to race the IPSSSDR as part of the Streeper Kennels Racing Team.


Dave Turner, Sandy , Oregon

 DAVE TURNER  from Sandy, Oregon 

Dave Turner takes the smallest kennel entered in this year’s IPSSSDR with understandably high expectations — he’s placed 8th, 4th and 3rd in the past three IPSSSDR races. He travels and lives in a trailer with almost 20 dogs most of the winter, several of those dogs borrowed or leased. He’s made his mark at IPSSSDR with a well-trained dog team and mistake-free runs. And if Dave plays his calling card of consistency again, may just move up from last year’s third place finish for a truly “David and Goliath” story this year. 


Dennis Laboda, Hovland, Mn

  DENNIS LABODA from Hovland, Minnesota

Dennis started mushing as a teenager in 1973 winning the Minnesota State Championship 5-dog class the following year — and he’s been racing sled dogs ever since. Having multiple wins and top finishes, Dennis’ resume records races all over the world. This year he’s brought up some young dogs and added new equipment preparing to move up from his last year’s 10th place finish. “I expect to see some very fast times at some of the stages for Dennis’ team this year. Go, Dennis!" exclaims an enthusiastic Lloyd Gilbertson.

JR Anderson, Cook , Mn


 J.R. ANDERSON from Buyck, Minnesota 

Once again, J.R.  Anderson returns to the IPSSSDR. And this year he’s bringing some young dogs he has raised specifically for Stage Racing having made a few adjustments to his training regimen. J.R. is very upbeat about his chances in the 2015 race. Expect him to be one of the hardest working mushers out there, running and pedaling his sled at every opportunity. Both J.R. and his wife Anna excel at dog care. 

Ryan Redington, Wasilla , Ak

  RYAN REDDINGTON from Wasilla, Alaska

Ryan has been running dogs since he could hang on to the handle bars. In his family, mushing is a family tradition starting with his grandfather, Joe Redington, Sr. (February 1, 1917 – June 24, 1999), who founded the Iditarod Trail sled dog race. Ryan has run in dozens of races from the Fur Rondy to the Iditarod. He and his wife Erin live in Knik, Alaska with their daughter Eve who was born this past September. Ryan also has a daughter Raynee, who lives in North Carolina. This will be Ryan's fifth year racing in the IPSSSDR.


Jake Golton, L'Amable, Ontario Canada

#12 JAKE GOLTON from L'Amable, Ontario, Canada

Jake Golton, currently 23 years old, has run the IPSSDR twice — in 2011 (8th place) and in 2013 (7th place). He grew up watching and helping his Dad, Ken Golton, race and then began mushing with his family in 1995. Jake now owns and operates his own kennel of 26 dogs with the help of his girlfriend, Nina. “We are really looking forward to racing in Wyoming again this year. I can't wait to catch up with our musher friends,” says an upbeat Jake. 

John Stewart, Draper , Ut

 John Stewart  from Draper , Ut

John Stewart is perhaps Scotland’s finest musher! He’s an athlete who has a knack for coaxing the most out of the dogs he drives. Being newly wed to wife Liz seems to have put an additional spring in his step. “And what about the dogs?" you might ask. Once again, he will be driving a team from the Streeper Kennel. John is third in line behind Buddy and Eli Golton this year for the team he will run, but he’s talented enough that even those two will have to watch out! Grab the pompoms, Liz!

Al Borak, Cheyboygan, Michigan

 AL BORAK from Cheyboygan, Michigan


Al is a detail man. He’s learned how to read dogs and how to take care of them. His special talent is taking young dogs along and preparing them to be world-class racers, something he plans to do this year with a talented group of youngsters from Bruce and Monica Magnusson’s kennel. “Any dog team Al drives emerges better for having him behind them,” states resident story teller Lloyd Gilberston. “I expect a steady, consistent race from Al and a strong finish. I will thoroughly enjoy watching his race.”


Monica Zappa, Kasilof , Ak

 MONICA ZAPPA from Kasilof, Alaska

Monica was born in to a mushing family. Both her parents participated in and officiated at the John Beargrease Sled dog Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota. In 2010, she moved from “flat” Oklahoma for the mountains of Alaska where she met veteran musher Tim Osmar. She’s been breeding, raising, training and racing dogs with Tim ever since. Summer finds them fishing a commercial set-net site and operating summer dog-kart tours. In the winter they take their dogs, “and anyone else who dares to join,” for ultimate Alaskan adventures in Kenai Peninsula’s back-country. Ever since Monica hit the racing circuit three years ago, she’s been dedicated to saving Alaska’s wild salmon and used her publicity to do so. She holds a B.S. in Meteorology and a M.S. in Geography from Northern Illinois University. She also completed one year of a Ph.D. program at the University of Oklahoma and working at the National Weather Center. Monica says with a smile, “My hobbies are #1 - dogs, #2 - mushing, and #3 - finding ways to fund #1 and #2.”