Veterinarian Team

The IPSSSDR Veterinary Team Members were individually selected for their experience, knowledge and devotion to our sport. They are members of the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association, a group dedicated to the promotion, care and  research of racing sled dogs.Several Veterinarians hold multiple "Golden Stethoscope " Awards. The Iditirod Official Finishers award the Golden Stethoscope  to the trail veterinarian whom they feel has gone above and beyond the call of duty. The IPSSSDR vet team has been extensively involved in many research projects devoted to the care of racing sled dogs and other working breeds.

Caroline Griffitts, DVM (Chief Veterinarian)

Dr. Griffitts received her veterinary degree from Cornell University in 1988 before tackling an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Michigan State University. After several years of full-time practice as an associate, she has owned a mobile house call practice based out of Loveland, Colo., since 1997. This gives her more flexibility to allow time for other interests such as sled dogs(Combining these interests when ever possible).Caroline has been a trail veterinarian on many races, including the Iditarod, the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, the IPSSSDR, local sprint races in Colorado, and the Yukon Quest. For several years she has been involved with the
North Hope sled dog kennel and race in Russia. She has been invloved with the IPSSSDR since it's inception. Dr Griffitts is President of the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association. The only three-time recipient of the Golden Stethoscope Award, she received it in the 1999 Iditirod , 2000 Iditirod, 2010 Iditirod.

Lanier (Lannie) Hamilton

Lanier (Lannie) Hamilton finished veterinary school at Washington State University in 1991. She worked as an associate and subsequently owned a practice for her first four years of life as a vet in Lander, Wyo. The world called, however, and she eventually sold her practice and adopted a career as a relief vet to expand her horizons and see other parts of the country. She did a fellowship at Oregon State University in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery in 1998-1999. Currently she splits her time between Wyoming and Alaska. Pursuing her interest in athletic animals, she accompanied 11 dog teams by snow machine across Alaska on the 2000 Serum Run. In 2001 and 2002 she worked as an Iditarod veterinarian and helped out on the Denali 300 Sled Dog Race in 2002. She is excited to help with the IPSSSDR, covering parts of her home turf, combining her love of the outdoors and animal athletes.

Rhonda Aliah, DVM

Rhonda Aliah graduated from Michigan State University in 1976. She has worked on the Iditarod for 5 years, the American Dog Derby in Ashton, ID for the past 10 years and helped with the pre race exams for the IPSSSDR for 6 years. In 2011 Rhonda becomes the fourth official member of the IPSSSDR veterinary team. With three grown children, Rhonda has lived in Idaho Falls, ID for the past 30 years. Rhonda started practice as a mixed animal practitioner and is now a small animal/zoo veterinarian. She has been the veterinarian for the Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls since 1990. Rhonda loves to cycle and swim and has competed in several triathlons completing 3 full Ironman races. “Recently retired from my practice, I look forward to more zoo time, competitions and travel,” says Rhonda.

Veronica Devall , DVM

Dr Veronica Devall received her veterinary degree in 1989 from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon , Canada. In the 1st few years after graduation she worked emergency and critical care practice. Afterward, for several years she took on the role of locum (relief) veterinarian, which allowed for a very flexible schedule to travel and volunteer for sled dog races. Pursuing extensive years of post -graduate training has led her to now focus her practice on pain management and veterinary rehabilitation. Veronica has been involved with sled dog races for over 15yrs. Races include Yukon Quest, numerous Iditarod's. Veronica was involved with the IPSSSDR in 2001 but in the capacity of a handler for a musher. Dr. Veronica Devall resides and practices in Calgary , Canada. Her veterinary practice specializes in canine physical rehabilitative medicine and includes acupuncture and chiropractic therapies treating a majority of performance agility dogs, working cattle dogs and retired geriatrics. Veronica is thrilled to be apart of the 2014 IPSSSDR Veterinary Team.