2022 Pre Race Interview with Thad McCracken

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

the other day I caught up with Thad McCracken back at his home in Mosier Oregon. This will be Thad’s second time in the full Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Every Musher has their own challenges when it comes to training and getting ready for the race. It is interesting to hear, that some of them are still in the ” building up miles ” stage of training, while others seem to already have peaked in their training and and now starting to do shorter runs, before the race.

Thad, like quite a few other Mushers is hitting the road towards West Yellowstone, to get a few more sled miles in. In Thad’s own words: ” Truck is packed for up to 6 weeks on the road , as we head east towards west yellowstone , montana for the wildfire defense special race , to Wyoming for the stage stop , and then on to Manitoba for The Pas . All we gotta do now is add 14 dogs and pull out , later this afternoon !”

If you like to follow Thad: https://www.facebook.com/MosierMisfits

Here is what Thad had to say during our interview, this is Part 1:


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