After the Driggs Stage, we caught up with Lina Steeper and Maria Torgerson

Good evening Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

To conclude the day, we had a chat with both Mushers running dogs from the STREEPER KENNEL Lina Streeper sits in solid 2nd place. Here is what she had to say:


Maria Torgerson running in her 2nd full Stage Stop Race has been steadily climbing up the ranks. While finishing 12th in Pinedale she was 6th in Big Piney and Lander. Today in Driggs she cracked the Top 5. A 6th place overall is within 4 min 44 second reach. I am sure though, that Alix Crittenden is going to do her best to stay out front. Here is what Maria had to say about here 2021 Pedigree Stage Stop Race: