Anny Malo on Stage 6 in Driggs, Split times

Before todays 6th Stage during the mushers meeting, the yellow bib changed hands again. Anny Malo had earned it back with her stellar run in Lander 2 days ago.

It is interesting to compare the 2019 and 2020 runtimes. Whereas Alpine and Pinedale pretty much saw identical runtimes both years ( within seconds )  Kemmer was the 1st stage, which was about 10 minutes slower this year.

In Lander, that gap widened. This years trail was a whopping. 40 minutes slower. Lots of snow!

Driggs was also slower than last year. Despite great efforts by Matt Redwine’s and Cody Grubbs, this years runtimes in Driggs were 18 minutes slower than in 2019. Considering that almost 2 feet of snow fell in the 2 days leading up to the stage, that clearly shows how much effort went into providing a good trail!

And here for you Split times fans:

Here is what Anny Malo ( and her husband Marco Rivest )  had to say after winning todays stage in Driggs, Idaho: