Diane Marquis Big Piney Stage

We sure had a fun interview with Diane Marquis, Anny Malo and Marco Rivest last night. They were sitting in their gooseneck trailer after taking care of the dogs.

Diane has had excellent runs. The first 2 Days she finished in a very strong 3rd place each day. Yesterday she only ran dogs and came in 5th, yet remained in 3rd place overall.

Today she ran the full complement of dogs on this very hilly stage finishing 7th. That is still very respectable, yet a noticeable drop from the first days. A couple of factors might come into play.

For her dogs it is likely the 1st time in their careers where they have been racing 4 Days nonstop. They likely put it all on the line durning the first days, not knowing form experience, that this could last for a few days nonstop.

Altitude and hills ( or as Diane might say mountains ) are likely also a factor. Each stage has been getting a little more mountainous. And Quebec is not necessarily know for that. Overall Diane is still sitting in a strong 5th position.