Dr MONICA PACHECO DURAN explaining a vet check

Good morning Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. Today is a travel day. And it looks like we can use it. It is snowing…. and supposed to snow all day. Likely we have to go the long way to Driggs, with Teton Pass being closed.  The Mushers pulling trailers, would have to go through Alpine regardless, as in the winter Teton Pass is always closed for trailers.

Yesterdays race results are ” old news ” by now. Anny Malo is in the drivers seat of the 25th edition of the Pedigree® Stage Stop Race. Her stellar run yesterday in Lander, where she gained 4 minutes over 2 time Champion Lina Streeper, gave her a total lead of 9 minutes. Lina has her work cut out, to challenge Anny on the remaining 2 stages.

This off day will also be used for dog care. Dog care is key in this event. In this video Dr MONICA PACHECO DURAN shows Fernando Ramirez how to exam one of his dogs. Having a set routine when examining is important. Also learning ” what is normal ” for each dog: