Driggs Melt Down

All the teams are out and got off to a good start. Light wet snow turning to a mist and expected to turn to rain. The trail is hard and fast with tight corners considered to be a bit technical. With a few driveways and many other trail options. Our trail crew is fantastic and trusted by all the mushers. To my surprise there were quite a few 12 dog teams. My opinion would be 10 dogs are plenty. Stay tuned as time will tell.

Snow sculptures. 

Lina Steeper keeps creeping away from the pack. Alix had a great run fishing second. Dave passed Bruce for the day and is now second overall by 5 minutes. Greta was on her A game finishing her highest yet in 4th, pushing Austin for 8th overall by two minutes. Bruce’s team just did not gel until half way through. JR and Jeff had good runs. Austin slipped a bit with the combination that worked in the past being unsteady. Dennis, Jerry, Laura and Chris all had good runs.

Looking  for the final overall results from the handlers games. Today rounded out the competition with mushers trivia.

We are on our way to Jackson for tomorrow’s last stage after a meet and greet in Driggs. The trail tomorrow is a new one for all mushers. There’s still time to make a move in several spots. Anything can happen. It’s not over until it’s over.

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