Greta Thurston – 2018 Rookie

By: Jerry Bath

I have had the privilege of meeting this amazing young lady last race season. She will be one to watch for sure. Don’t let that pretty smile fool you, she can run dogs!

Greta is from Steamboat Springs Colorado. Only a 7 hour drive so I would consider her local. Elevation is not a problem for her dogs since she trains at about the same level as most of the race courses. Snow has been an issue for her this season or the lack of it. Most of her training has been on an ATV or snow machine.

The second week in January Greta and her father Tom came to Wyoming for a few days to get some sled time. They stopped in for a visit and their dogs are looking great. A young team with plenty of vigor. The same dogs also help out with their tour business so they are very friendly.

Training for them started in August with short 2.5 to 5 mile runs. They try to run the dogs 5 times at each distance before upping the mileage. With a goal of reaching 50 miles at least two weeks before race day. Then tapering off to 35 miles and shorter to keep the teams speed and enthusiasm up.

Welcome Greta! Your going to have a ball.