Linda Pierce talking to Afton Elementary School

This is Linda Pierce‘s 2nd year to come to Afton for a school talk. She brought her first ever dog , called ” BoyDog”. He is 9 now and has developed into her main leader. The children were eager to meet him. Quite a few kids in the crowd had dogs at home. When Linda asked who had 4 dogs at home, surprisingly many hands rose up. This is farming country.

Enjoy the 3 videos:

Warm winter gear is essential. Last year it was 20 below. Right now we sit at 30 above and it could even be warmer on Saturday, during the 1st stage in Alpine:

And a look at the dogs living quarters in Linda’s horse trailer. While traveling Linda lives up front and can be close to her dogs that way. 4 of the dogs on her team belong to her mentor Martin Koenig.