Morning of Alpine Stage 6

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans.

We arrived at the Greys River Trailhead. This is Snowmachine country. Teams will definitely meet a lot of snow machines during todays run, sometimes groups of 20+ in one shot. That being said, the trail is nice and wide. It definitely is the flattest Stage of the 7 stages. Temperatures sit at 7F above this morning, much warmer than the last days. It might get close towards 30F by 1 p.m.

As during the past Stages, Christina Gibson is the first team out. She is not only running more furry Alaskan Huskies, she is also using this race as a training run for upcoming mid distance races. Chris Adkins is the second team followed by Germany’s Michael Tetzner. Michael has commented on how different this race is for him, with the amount of hill climbing. After the Kemmerer Stage Michael was almost ready to call it quits. Luckily Race Marshal Warren Palfrey convinced him to get a good nights sleep and re-evaluate his decision in the morning. Michael ran 9 dogs yesterday in Pinedale and seemed pleased after that beautiful run.


We are having a couple of tight races within the race. Yesterday Liz Thompson edged out Mike Bestgen for 6th place by a mere 10 seconds. Overall those 2 teams are only separated by 1 Minute and 7 seconds. That is after 150+miles of racing.

Austin Forney and Sarah Tarlton finished within 24 seconds of each other yesterday and are only 2 minutes and 56 apart in the overall standings.

Anny Malo will go out with the Yellow Bib again today, being the last team out. Alix Crittenden is 3 minutes ahead of her and Laura Bontrager rounded out the Top 3 yesterday.

Gametime. Hopefully we can do some live video here from the Staging area, as cell phone coverage seems decent. Every year there are more new houses along the road, and with that more service seems to come in.