Morning of Kemmerer Stage

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

Last nights banquet at the South Lincoln Training and Events Center was a lot of fun. Great speeches by the Mushers. There are 16 Teams still in the race with Thad McCracken and Randy DeKuiper withdrawing.

Anny Malo has a pretty solid 17 Minute 24 second lead. Yet there are several races within the race:  Alix Crittenden is having to look over her shoulder, as Cathy Rivest is getting closer in the overall standings, she is now only 1 Minute and 46 seconds behind.

6th Place Bike Bestgen and 7th Place Liz Thompson are only separated by 1 Minute and 18 seconds after 3 days of racing.

8th Place Sarah Tarlton and 9th Place Austin Forney from Leadville Colorado are 2 Minutes and 23 Seconds apart.

We are looking at 4F above this morning. That is very nice after to extremely frigid days. When we left out Big Piney Motel yesterday, it was 30 below. Todays Stage offers great viewing opportunities right from the Staging area. The winner of todays Stage will receive a very nice fossil fish trophy! Thank you Kemmerer!

Here the recap of yesterdays run: