Results from Big Piney – Marbleton Stage.

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

todays stage in Big Piney – Marbleton started an hour later than usual. It was a pretty frigid morning in town with 30 below. When driving to the staging area temperatures thankfully rose to 8 below F. By the time the race start rolled around it had reached 0F. Perfect conditions.

About 5 miles down the trail the wind picked up a not, yet the trail had not blown in. The out and back trail was 15.5 miles long, making for a 31 Mile total stage lengths. Unfortunately Randy de Kuiper did not make it to the starting line, due to truck issues. So only 16 teams started as Thad Mc Cracken had pulled out ofter the Blackrock stage.

Christina Gibson once again left first followed by Chris Adkins and Tim Thiessen. When we saw the teams at Mile 10 Michael Tetzner had passed the 4 teams ahead of him and was in the lead. We did not make it all the way to the turn around, as at Mile 13.2 I got the snowgo nicely stuck. Luckily a good spot for Jordan Caskey to shoot some video. In no time time teams stated heading our way.

Before the turn around Cathy Rivest was still ahead of Anny Malo, not so once we saw them again on the return leg. Alix Crittenden managed to stay ahead of Cathy the whole way, yet her runtime was 1 Minute 52 seconds faster than Alix. For each of the past 2 heats Cathy has been closing in on overall 2nd place. Only 1 Minute and 46 seconds are separating these 2 teams. Anny Malo has widened her lead to 17 Minutes and 24 seconds.

We are now all headed to Kemmerer. Thank you Big Piney – Marbleton for the warm welcome!