Talk of Champions, pre-race interview with Lina Streeper, Anny Malo and Hans Gatt

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

This weekend is the first shakedown for next weeks Pedigree Stage Stop Race. The Yellowstone Special sponsored by Wildfire Defence is happening in West Yellowstone. It is run over 2 days and each leg being 23 Miles on an out and back trail. Much like what musher will encounter next week in Wyoming, just about 9 miles shorter. That is not quite a coincidence. A week before the main race, teams should be ” training down ” a bit, meaning not running the full ( 30 Mile ) Distance anymore.  There are an 8 and a 10 dog class in West Yellowstone.

Thad McCracken is running 8 dogs in each class, thus giving all of his 16 dogs a good shakedown run. The Streepers have 3 Teams in the 10 Dog Class with Maria Torgerson and her dad Dave each running a team, as well as Lina Streeper. Hans Gatt, Ryan Beaber and Jake Robinson are also competing in West Yellowstone.

Here a some nice looking dogs from Thad McCracken’s team:

A few days ago I caught up with Anny Malo, Lina Streeper and Hans Gatt.  Those 3 teams have a lot of Championships between them. For Hans it has been close to 2 decades since he has been back to the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Unfortunately it was one of those nights, where I had another internet outrage and had to improvise. Felt like being on the race already.

Luckily I found some internet in a McDonalds parking lot, which explains why I am sitting in a pickup truck. Getting all 3 Mushers and Jerry and myself online at the same time, in different time zones, with everybody’s training schedule, I definitely did not want to botch it and not get online…..

There will be a total of 4 interview, here the first 2, Enjoy:

Part 1:

Part 2: