Up and at em` Alpine

Perfect weather this morning in Alpine, Wyoming for the 24th running of the Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. Both the 8-dog and 10-dog races starting at 9 am with the Eukanuba Classic 8-dog racers beginning first. Both races will run the same 30-mile trail provided by the Wyoming snowmobile trails system. Theses freshly groomed trails are marked or as Matt and Cody (the trail bosses) call it…staked.   With 7 degrees, mild wind and high humidity it sets the stage for the sled runner waxing questions the morning… what wax to use?
Too cold of wax and it might be too slippery, too warm and you’ll stick and squeak along the trail. Most racers have runners similar to X country ski runners where you wax for the snow conditions and temperature.
This real start sets the tone for a new milestone in sled dog racing.  It’s so cool to the pride of the musher and kennel partners as they get a chance to show their stuff.  For many it’s a new training or breeding program, others it’s a “We’re Back’ to prove our strong showing from late last season.
The air is abuzz with anticipation, nervousness, pride and a real kind of comradery and sportsmanship you’ll find nowhere else that I have experienced.
So, come on out to the Grays River trailhead for a 9 am start. Meet and mingle, pick your favorite musher, and enjoy a free hot drink.
Something one can only experience in person