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  Pedigree Stage Stop Race        
322/1/2019 Stage 6
32 Miles
Start TimeFinishedPosition Musher LeftPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
485817123Emilie Entrikin0:48:002:58:022:10:0214.810:06
51318211Jeff Conn0:51:003:03:092:12:0914.510:03
61823320Anny Malo1:06:003:18:552:12:5514.410:00
33471242Alix Crittenden0:33:002:47:122:14:1214.39:57
01421519David Torgerson1:00:003:14:482:14:4814.29:54
5491965Justin Fortier0:54:003:09:022:15:0214.29:51
45016721Rachel Courtney0:45:003:00:112:15:1114.29:48
395814813Bruce Magnusson0:39:002:58:272:19:2713.89:45
4221597JR Anderson0:42:003:02:172:20:1713.79:42
3659131025Richard Beck0:36:002:59:152:23:1513.49:39
2753101118Dennis LaBoda0:27:002:53:172:26:1713.19:36
12435128Fernando Ramirez0:12:002:43:532:31:5312.69:33
24569131Austin Forney0:24:002:56:242:32:2412.69:30
9414146Alexandra Rochat0:09:002:41:502:32:5012.69:27
154861522Tim Thiessen0:15:002:48:052:33:0512.59:24
303111614Greta Thurston0:30:003:03:102:33:1012.59:21
185571716Katherine Scheck0:18:002:55:322:37:3212.29:18
21598189Laura Daugereau0:21:002:59:322:38:3212.19:15
35021910Chris Adkins0:03:002:50:422:47:4211.49:12
6632012Allan Berge0:06:003:06:453:00:4510.69:09
021214Linda Pierce0:00:003:02:463:02:4610.59:06
943242217Lina Streeper1:09:004:43:413:34:418.99:03
354222315Erick Laforce1:03:004:54:333:51:338.39:00
20DNF24Tommy Bird0:00:000:00:000:00:00

Race Commentary and Updates: 2019 Driggs

Driggs split times 2019 Sarah Lederle

Posted 02-03-2019 at 9:03 am

Shake-up in Driggs: Day 6 Sarah Lederle

Posted 02-01-2019 at 3:50 pm

  Commentary by Jerry Bath   Just when you think the race has been decided – bam! The Pedigree Stage Stop Race saw several shake-ups today in Driggs, ID, and the dust (or snow!) has not yet settled.  The excitement is not slowing down. Some of the last mushers to leave the starting chute missed… Read more »

Upper Green Change Up – Stage 6 Jerry Bath

Posted 02-01-2018 at 9:55 pm

It was a perfect mushing day… 7 to 28 degrees with a light breeze of 10-15 mph with a light dusting of snow. All the mushers stayed in the same overall positions. Bruce, JR, and Chris all packed a dog with only Bruce not losing any time in the overall but his days time was… Read more »

Making up Stage 3 (Big Piney) – Upper Green Jerry Bath

Posted at 12:37 pm

The mushers are amped to be coming back to the Upper this morning. The weather should be perfect for running dogs estimated to be 9-26 degrees with light winds 8-15 mph. The first 7 miles will be common trail then they will be running it in reverse for the last time we were here. This… Read more »

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