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Pedigree Stage Stop Race        
1/28/2019 Stage 3
30 Miles
Position Musher LeftPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
23115Erick Laforce1:06:002:59:271:53:2715.910:09
24220Anny Malo1:09:003:02:541:53:5415.810:06
22317Lina Streeper1:03:002:56:591:53:5915.810:03
20411Jeff Conn0:57:002:57:572:00:5714.910:00
16513Bruce Magnusson0:45:002:46:092:01:0914.99:57
17623Emilie Entrikin0:48:002:49:212:01:2114.89:54
21725Richard Beck1:00:003:01:522:01:5214.89:51
14824Tommy Bird0:39:002:42:002:03:0014.69:48
18921Rachel Courtney0:51:002:54:162:03:1614.69:45
131019David Torgerson0:36:002:39:422:03:4214.69:42
19112Alix Crittenden0:54:002:58:162:04:1614.59:39
10125Justin Fortier0:27:002:34:172:07:1714.19:36
9137JR Anderson0:24:002:31:192:07:1914.19:33
121418Dennis LaBoda0:33:002:41:162:08:1614.09:30
8156Alexandra Rochat0:21:002:35:052:14:0513.49:27
11161Austin Forney0:30:002:44:262:14:2613.49:24
7178Fernando Ramirez0:18:002:33:122:15:1213.39:21
151814Greta Thurston0:42:002:58:192:16:1913.29:18
6199Laura Daugereau0:15:002:38:212:23:2112.69:15
42022Tim Thiessen0:09:002:35:482:26:4812.39:12
52116Katherine Scheck0:12:002:39:552:27:5512.29:09
22210Chris Adkins0:03:002:33:052:30:0512.09:06
3234Linda Pierce0:06:002:43:032:37:0311.59:03
12412Allan Berge0:00:002:44:542:44:5411.09:00

Race Commentary and Updates: 2019 Kemmerer

Kemmerer, not everybody had a clean run Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-03-2020 at 3:56 pm

Conditions were windy and snowy in Kemmerer. With those conditions comes very flat light. It is hard to see where the trail is, specially with snow blowing into your face. In sunny conditions there would have been quite a bit more local Snowmachine traffic on the trail. In todays condition we only saw one group… Read more »

Race Videos including Leaders Anny Malo and Lina Streeper Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:45 pm

Hi Race Fans, these videos should give you some impressions of todays trail conditions: Here a video of Anny Malo who had just passed Austin Forney and is followed by Lina Streeper: Slowmotion Allan Berge:

Day 3 Kemmerer first impressions Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 1:36 pm

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Fans. The Kemmerer Stage is known for beautiful vistas and sometimes challenging conditions. It delivered on the latter. Trail Boss Matt Redwine and Cody had gone out early to establish a base trail and were able to give a trail report at the 8. A.m. Mushers meeting. Challenging, yet doable conditions… Read more »

Day 3, Kemmerer Stage pre race Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 7:03 am

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. The sunny and nice weather has come to an end and Wyoming weather is showing some teeth. Yup, it is snowing and blowing out. Here a quick view from the Motel Room. Mushers have been busy feeding and massaging their dogs for a while. Linda Pierce’s Team is… Read more »

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