Pedigree Stage Stop Race            
2/7/2020 Stage 6
32 Miles
Start OrderPosition Musher FinishedBib #MusherStart TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPHNext Day Start Time
1816Anny Malo0:51:003:19:562:28:5612.99:48
1721Lina Streeper0:48:003:17:452:29:4512.89:45
1538Alix Crittenden0:42:003:18:532:36:5312.29:42
11414Maria Torgerson0:30:003:07:492:37:4912.29:39
12511Rachel Courtney0:33:003:13:252:40:2512.09:36
16612JR Anderson0:45:003:30:342:45:3411.69:33
1072Austin Forney0:27:003:13:302:46:3011.59:30
8815Elliot Rivest0:21:003:16:282:55:2810.99:27
697Fernando Ramirez0:15:003:11:172:56:1710.99:24
7104Tim Thiessen0:18:003:15:512:57:5110.89:21
141118Bruce Magnusson0:39:003:42:093:03:0910.59:18
91213Rafael Nelson0:24:003:27:543:03:5410.49:15
51316Doug Butler0:12:003:25:273:13:279.99:12
21417Ben Barrett0:03:003:25:353:22:359.59:09
3153Chris Adkins0:06:003:40:353:34:358.99:06
41610Linda Pierce0:09:004:05:313:56:318.19:03
1179Allan Berge0:00:004:16:574:16:577.59:00
135Jeff Conn0:00:000:00:00DNS
Pedigree Stage Stop Race
Cumulative Overall Time
PositionBib #MusherAlpine Day 1Pinedale Day 2Kemmerer Day 3Big Piney Day 4Lander Day 5Driggs Day 6Teton CountyDay 7Overall Time
16Anny Malo1:43:592:22:462:04:502:22:502:22:332:28:560:00:0013:25:54
21Lina Streeper1:46:122:24:232:07:402:20:492:26:472:29:450:00:0013:35:36
38Alix Crittenden1:52:082:30:452:09:522:27:402:42:022:36:530:00:0014:19:20
411Rachel Courtney1:51:402:29:562:11:272:32:322:44:552:40:250:00:0014:30:55
514Maria Torgerson1:58:522:33:302:17:292:43:252:45:032:37:490:00:0014:56:08
62Austin Forney1:55:142:35:462:17:052:40:132:45:282:46:300:00:0015:00:16
712JR Anderson1:59:322:40:382:24:212:34:442:40:262:45:340:00:0015:05:15
818Bruce Magnusson1:52:552:29:592:27:002:37:562:42:113:03:090:00:0015:13:10
913Rafael Nelson2:01:422:42:032:22:062:41:002:52:323:03:540:00:0015:43:17
1015Elliot Rivest2:00:242:49:562:26:522:52:532:54:522:55:280:00:0016:00:25
114Tim Thiessen2:11:213:07:322:38:272:57:073:01:022:57:510:00:0016:53:20
1216Doug Butler1:59:022:50:292:28:163:14:353:18:023:13:270:00:0017:03:51
137Fernando Ramirez2:08:332:59:542:49:463:04:293:11:002:56:170:00:0017:09:59
143Chris Adkins2:20:233:11:262:55:453:42:133:40:053:34:350:00:0019:24:27
1517Ben Barrett2:07:323:07:473:01:524:40:043:55:403:22:350:00:0020:15:30
1610Linda Pierce2:25:043:32:113:01:093:42:553:37:563:56:310:00:0020:15:46
179Allan Berge3:12:393:41:033:26:223:45:234:01:034:16:570:00:0022:23:27
5Jeff Conn1:48:572:27:562:25:432:36:402:43:160:00:000:00:00Withdrew

Race Commentary and Updates: 2020 Driggs

Anny Malo on Stage 6 in Driggs, Split times Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-07-2020 at 7:33 pm

Before todays 6th Stage during the mushers meeting, the yellow bib changed hands again. Anny Malo had earned it back with her stellar run in Lander 2 days ago. It is interesting to compare the 2019 and 2020 runtimes. Whereas Alpine and Pinedale pretty much saw identical runtimes both years ( within seconds )  Kemmer… Read more »

Stage 6 Driggs Idaho recap Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 6:27 pm

Hello Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. Stage 6 in Driggs in Idaho is in the books. And what a stark contrast to the sunny and calm Stage 5 in Lander Wyoming, 2 days prior. It started snowing yesterday and basically has only let off for a few hours here and there. That meant definitely not… Read more »

Dropping dogs while traveling Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted 02-06-2020 at 3:38 pm

There is a lot of traveling involved with the Pedigree® Stage Stop Race. And dropping dogs is a big part of that. The other day I caught up with Anny Malo ( and Elliot and Marco ) dropping their dogs at the school parking lot in Lander. There were many other dogtrucks around, and plenty… Read more »

Dr MONICA PACHECO DURAN explaining a vet check Sebastian Schnuelle

Posted at 8:26 am

Good morning Pedigree® Stage Stop Race Fans. Today is a travel day. And it looks like we can use it. It is snowing…. and supposed to snow all day. Likely we have to go the long way to Driggs, with Teton Pass being closed.  The Mushers pulling trailers, would have to go through Alpine regardless,… Read more »

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