Start OrderFinish PositionBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPH
616Buddy Streeper0:08:000:20:450:12:458.2
11211Ryan Redington0:20:000:32:500:12:508.2
434Jerry Bath0:04:000:17:090:13:098.0
747Eli Golton0:12:000:25:120:13:128.0
858Dave Turner0:12:000:25:130:13:137.9
565Bruce Magnusson0:08:000:21:390:13:397.7
13713John Stewart0:24:000:37:490:13:497.6
14814Al Borak0:24:000:37:510:13:517.6
15915Monica Zappa0:28:000:42:020:14:027.5
3103Stacey Teasley0:04:000:18:040:14:047.5
9119Dennis Laboda0:16:000:30:070:14:077.4
2122Jeff Conn0:00:000:14:100:14:107.4
121312Jake Golton0:20:000:34:240:14:247.3
101410JR Anderson0:16:000:30:590:14:597.0
1151Jerry Sdoris0:00:000:16:050:16:056.9
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Race Commentary and Updates: 2015 Stage 1: Jackson Hole Wyoming

Alpine split times 2019 Sarah Lederle

Posted 01-26-2019 at 10:24 pm

Commentary by Jerry Bath   Split times are of interest to a lot of mushers and race fans. They can show predictions of how teams progress over the next 6 stages and how or why they come together or fall apart.  They show the time or speed of each team compared to others on the… Read more »

Alpine, WY – Day 1 Jerry Bath

Posted at 6:41 pm

It was a big field with warm temps at 28 degrees, and as you can see from the results page, Eric Laforce came out on top with a time of 1:48:04 for the 28-mile course. Followed by last years champion Lina Streeper at 1:48.53, Anny Malo at 1:49:12, Emilie Entrikin 1:50, Dave Torgerson 1:53, Rachel… Read more »

Up and at em` Alpine Jerry Bath

Posted at 6:42 pm

Perfect weather this morning in Alpine, Wyoming for the 24th running of the Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race. Both the 8-dog and 10-dog races starting at 9 am with the Eukanuba Classic 8-dog racers beginning first. Both races will run the same 30-mile trail provided by the Wyoming snowmobile trails system. Theses freshly groomed… Read more »

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