Start OrderFinish PositionBib #MusherStart TimeFinished TimeElapsed TimeAverage MPH
616Buddy Streeper0:08:000:20:450:12:458.2
11211Ryan Redington0:20:000:32:500:12:508.2
434Jerry Bath0:04:000:17:090:13:098.0
747Eli Golton0:12:000:25:120:13:128.0
858Dave Turner0:12:000:25:130:13:137.9
565Bruce Magnusson0:08:000:21:390:13:397.7
13713John Stewart0:24:000:37:490:13:497.6
14814Al Borak0:24:000:37:510:13:517.6
15915Monica Zappa0:28:000:42:020:14:027.5
3103Stacey Teasley0:04:000:18:040:14:047.5
9119Dennis Laboda0:16:000:30:070:14:077.4
2122Jeff Conn0:00:000:14:100:14:107.4
121312Jake Golton0:20:000:34:240:14:247.3
101410JR Anderson0:16:000:30:590:14:597.0
1151Jerry Sdoris0:00:000:16:050:16:056.9
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Race Commentary and Updates: 2015 Stage 1: Jackson Hole Wyoming

Alpine – Unofficial Split Times Jerry Bath

Posted 01-27-2018 at 8:22 am

The Classic Racers are here… Jerry Bath

Posted at 10:52 pm

By: Jerry Bath Posted late due to the wait for all the mushers to finish and a very long drive and short banquet. 24 degrees and lite snow all day. The Eukanuba Classic saw some great times with Jane Devlin in 11th place bringing her team of picture-perfect Siberian Huskies across the line at 3:25:57…… Read more »

Alpine – And the Race BEGINS! Jerry Bath

Posted at 10:54 pm

By: Jerry Bath What a race we are having! Who went too fast? …Who might have held back too much? …Who is playing there cards just right? Lena Streeper won the Stage with a time of 4:24:58, Dave Torgerson second at 4:27:40, Alix Crittenden with an amazing run for 3rd with a time of 4:37:26,… Read more »

Alpine Wyoming- The Race is on Jerry Bath

Posted at 7:59 am

  Wyoming State Trails Groomer sets the trails! Looks like this forecast will last for the next couple days. Will it be warm? Mushers will have to take this into consideration with it already being 24 degrees this morning.  The trail although very well groomed is an out and back of approximately 62 miles along… Read more »

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