The Pedigree® Stage Stop Race is pleased to announce the return of the Eukanuba™ 8-Dog Classic!

Due to the high level of interest last year & positive feed back from mushers, the limited entry is set at 10 teams. Teams can run up to 8 dogs from a 10-dog pool. Teams will have two days of racing in  Alpine, Wyoming & Pinedale Wy. 8 Dog Classic will not be in the Ceremonial Start in Jackson.

ENTRY WILL OPEN Oct 15th 2018 at 12pm MST.

Applicants must submit recent race history and entry is based on ability to demonstrate competitiveness.


2020 Applications Coming Soon.

Race Schedule

Jan 25th Vet Check. Deloney Parking lot  Jackson , Wy
Jan. 26th – Alpine Stage – Alpine, WY
Jan. 27th – Pinedale Stage – Pinedale , Wy
Jan. 27th – Awards Ceremony


Pool- 10 Dogs

Max/Day- 8 Dogs

Approx. Distance Per Day- 25 to 30 Miles

Entry Fee- $200 ($250 After Jan. 1st)

Max Entry- 10 Teams


Rules shall be the same as the main event with the following modifications:

Section 06 RACE START

Starting order on first day (as well as ceremonial start in Jackson) is determined by order of entry. Day two of racing is reverse starting order with fastest team from previous day going out last.

Section 11 SLED

Sled must be capable of carrying and containing a minimum of two dogs. Sled must be tandem hitch and have a brush bow and a braking system.


All mushers must carry or wear an arctic parka & a headlamp.


A musher may start the race with no more than eight (8) dogs on the tow line at any time. No dogs will be allowed in the basket. Dogs will be chosen from a maximum pool of ten (10) dogs. No dog may be added to a team once a stage has started. The maximum number of dogs in the team may be reduced to accommodate trail conditions at the discretion of the Race Marshall.


Prizes and awards will be given out at the staging area of the final leg or at an official function the same day. Teams will not be eligible for fuel stipend, day money, or musher support program money.

Musher’s can send inquires to