Finish PositionBib #MusherCity, State, Province, CountryDay 2Day 3Day4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Overall Time
111Blayne "Buddy" StreeperFort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada2:54:223:09:583:57:394:10:344:51:012:59:410:32:2022:35:35
212Lina GladhFort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada2:59:173:15:484:14:154:17:204:35:113:01:480:35:2422:59:03
39Joe GansChaska, Minnesota3:08:413:17:414:13:574:08:425:04:183:17:520:36:3823:47:49
413Aaron PeckGrand Prairie, Alberta, Canada3:01:153:26:334:19:134:42:064:39:003:11:500:33:3523:53:32
55Sam PerinoYellowknife, NWT, Canada3:06:523:26:094:17:174:38:435:27:573:09:290:36:1124:42:38
64Bruce MagnussonManchester, Michigan3:10:573:28:294:18:564:39:165:11:253:30:080:40:3224:59:43
78Jerry BathLander, Wyoming3:12:063:29:414:35:024:49:595:15:223:15:130:39:3925:17:02
820JR AndersonRay, Minnesota3:27:003:47:374:24:314:49:035:30:063:15:220:37:1825:50:57
915John StewartScotland3:35:143:43:404:38:394:52:515:41:243:09:090:35:4026:16:37
1010Mike BarnetKanab, Utah3:42:083:41:494:52:165:04:385:15:323:27:460:39:4826:43:57
1119Kate St. OngeMillville, Utah3:26:413:51:314:43:395:04:115:32:223:31:480:40:3826:50:50
121Stacey TeasleyJackson, Wyoming3:22:463:43:324:43:385:16:596:09:403:38:430:42:3127:37:49
133Debbie ModerowDenali Park, Alaska3:18:223:57:415:04:505:18:425:32:463:53:420:40:3527:46:38
142Dennis LabodaHovland, Minnesota3:39:263:47:085:24:255:10:536:46:563:54:030:47:5529:30:46
1518Barrie RaperPinedale, Wyoming4:02:064:21:485:35:206:00:476:27:104:13:200:50:0031:30:31
1616Chris AdkinsSand Coulee, Montana4:11:164:59:095:54:536:16:117:28:174:41:490:52:4534:24:20
177Krista HalsnesSteamboat Springs, Colorado3:28:523:55:34Withdrawn7:24:26


Jan 29Jackson9:00 AM - 1:00 PMVet Check at East Deloney Parking Lot
2:00 - 3:00 PMDrivers' Meeting at the Antler Inn
5:00 - 6:30 PMPre-race reception at the Wort Hotel
5:00 - 8:00 PMWinter Fest on Town Square & Pig Roast
6:30 PMRace Start, Town Square to Snow King2 milesSnow King
7:00 - 9:30 PMPedigree Musher Reception Party at Snow King
8:00 PMTorchlight Parade and Fireworks at Snow King
Jan 30Travel to Lander5:00 PMDrivers' Meeting at the Community Center in Lander
6:00 PMLander Rotary Spaghetti Dinner at the Community Center
Jan 31Lander9:00 AMStart at Louis Lake Road parking lot76 milesIrish CanyonMushers travel to Pinedale after race.
6:00 - 9:00 PM"Welcome Mushers" dinner in Pinedale
Feb 1Pinedale10:00 AMStart downtown Pinedale on North Tyler Ave.35 milesPinedaleMushers travel to Big Piney/Marbleton.
6:00 PMBig Piney Dutch Oven dinner reception in Marbleton
Feb 2Big Piney/Marbleton9:00 AMStart Middle Piney Parking Lot, 13 miles west of Big Piney64 milesPinedaleMushers travel to Alpine after the race.
6:30 PMMeet the Mushers Dinner at Alpine Firehall
Feb 3Alpine9:00 AMStart at Greys River to Box Y54 milesMushers drive to Kemmerer after race.
6:30 PMMeet the Mushers and Banquet at Eagles Hall in Kemmerer
Feb4Kemmerer9:00 AMStart63 milesMushers drive to Evanston after race.
6:00 PMMeet & Greet/Finger Food at Uinta County Complex in Evanston
Feb 5Bridger Valley10:00 AMStart North Slope Road on Mirror Lake Scenic Byway45 miles
4:00 - 6:00 PMDrivers' Meeting & Dinner at Mountain View Firehall
Feb6Park City, Utah7:00 - 9:00 AMFlapjack Frenzy at Heritage Barn in Lyman
10:00 - 11:45 AMMeet the Mushers in Park City, Utah
12:00 - 2:00 PMRace Start at Quinn's Junction Sprots Complex8 milesRound Valley Trail`
2:00 - 3:00 PMJr. Mushers Race2 miles
6:00 PMAwards banquet at the Yarrow Hotel in Park City
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