Finish PositionBib #MusherCity, State, Province, CountryDay 2Day 3Day4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Overall Time
19Blayne "Buddy" StreeperFort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada4:10:583:39:232:11:023:19:303:08:11cancelled2:14:1618:43:20
210John StewartScotland / Utah4:28:403:44:542:14:443:20:013:02:53cancelled2:18:4319:09:55
317David TurnerSandy, Oregon4:41:533:52:552:14:553:24:543:05:40cancelled2:29:2419:49:41
416Aaron PeckGrand Prairie, Alberta, Canada4:46:284:00:342:09:393:32:403:06:42cancelled2:31:3420:07:37
54Bruce MagnussonManchester, Michigan4:39:353:55:362:32:503:49:403:15:36cancelled2:29:1420:42:31
615Alix CrittendenWillow, Alaska / Bondurant, Wyoming4:53:234:03:342:15:053:38:183:22:52cancelled2:29:2120:42:33
73Stacey TeasleyJackson Hole, Wyoming4:48:574:08:442:07:283:45:583:17:50cancelled2:35:2120:44:18
814Ryan RedingtonKnik, Alaska4:56:504:34:492:24:463:41:113:09:20cancelled2:32:3921:19:35
92Jerry BathLander, Wyoming4:56:464:16:432:17:363:44:483:24:54cancelled2:46:5521:27:42
1011Dennis LabodaHovland, Minnesota5:14:524:20:562:25:403:44:333:12:53cancelled2:35:2021:34:14
118JR AndersonBuyck, Minnesota5:05:354:26:502:32:123:58:393:25:44cancelled2:36:3922:05:39
127Jenny GregorBozeman, Montana5:05:454:20:342:33:493:53:193:27:40cancelled2:53:4822:14:55
131Frank MoeHovland, Minnesota5:18:564:50:062:24:424:01:373:14:14cancelled3:08:1422:57:49
146Jeff ConnEster, Alaska6:08:564:10:012:29:443:49:303:34:29cancelled2:49:0423:01:44
1512Sylvain RobillardSt. Gabriel de Brandon, Quebec, Canada5:31:234:56:192:39:354:16:303:29:24cancelled2:43:4623:36:57
1613Andrew LetzringWisconsin6:47:545:02:102:39:204:01:083:25:59cancelled2:51:5624:48:27


Jan 31Jackson9:00 AM - 1:00 PMVet Check at East Deloney Parking Lot. Open to the public.
2:00 - 3:00 PMDrivers' Meeting at the Antler Inn
3:00 - 5:00 PMPre-race reception at the Wort Hotel
5:00 - 8:00 PMRace Festivities on Town Square -booths, giveaways, hot chocolate
6:00 PMStorm Show Productions Video on Big Screen
6:30 PMRace Start, Dual Start on Town Square to Snow King2 milesSnow King
7:00 - 9:30 PMPedigree Musher Reception Party at Snow King
8:00 PMTorchlight Parade and Fireworks at Snow King
Feb 1Alpine9:00 AMRace Starts next to Tavern on the Greys58 milesMushers travel to West Yellowstone, Montana after the race.
7:00 PMMeet the Mushers at Wild West Pizzeria. Screen Door Porch live music and 2010 IPSSSDR video.
Feb 2West Yellowstone, MT9:00 AMStart and finish on Yellowstone Avenue at Canyon Street48 miles
6:30 PMMeet the Mushers Pot Luck Dinner at the Alpine Civic Center
Feb 3Travel to Lander / Rest Day5:00 - 6:00 PMMeet and Greet Teams in Downtown Lander
6:30 PMDinner & Movie at the Gannett Grill/Lander Brewing Company (not a banquet)
Feb 4Lander9:00 AMStart at Louis Lake Road parking lot30 milesMushers drive to Pinedale after race.
6:00 PMWelcome the Mushers Banquet at the Sublette County Library
Feb 5Pinedale10:00 AMStart and finish at Upper Green River parking lot, Cora45 milesMushers drive to Big Piney/Marbleton after race.
6:00 PMMeet the Mushers Dinner at the Marbleton Senior CenterLive music by Screen Door Porch
Feb 6Big Piney/Marbleton9:00 AMStart at Middle Piney Parking Lot, 13 miles west of Big Piney38 miles
7:00 PMCocktail Reception at South Lincoln Training and Event Center in Kemmerer
7:30 PMMeet the Mushers Banquet at South Lincoln Training and Event Center in KemmererLive music by Screen Door Porch
Feb 7Kemmerer9:00 AMStart at Lake Viva NaughtonCANCELLED because of too much snowMushers drive to Evanston after race.
3:00 PMMeet the Mushers at Triangle Park in downtown Kemmerer
5:00 - 7:00 PMMusher Mania at Mountain View Town Hall
Feb 8Evanston7:00 - 9:00 AMFlapjack Frenzy at Heritage Barn in Lyman
9:00 AMRace Starts at Deadhorse Trailhead south of Mountain View30 milesNorth Slope Road, 30 miles south of Evanston on Mirror Lake Scenic Byway/Hwy 150
2:00 - 3:00 PMJr. Mushers RaceNorth Slope Trailhead (finish line)
6:00 PMAwards banquet hosted by IPSSSDR at The Machine Shop in Evanston
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