Finish PositionBib #MusherCity, State, Province, CountryDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Overall Time
19Lina StreeperFort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada2:19:194:06:233:09:073:20:393:35:190:00:000:00:0016:30:47
28Dave TorgersonRed Lodge, Montana2:22:224:04:153:15:183:23:453:39:190:00:000:00:0016:44:59
37Bruce MagnussonCheyboygan, Michigan2:19:594:20:233:19:393:34:363:48:430:00:000:00:0017:23:20
411JR Anderson Buyck, Minnesota2:22:064:29:063:28:113:36:053:55:500:00:000:00:0017:51:18
510Jerry BathLander, Wyoming2:22:084:02:413:38:283:47:054:03:470:00:000:00:0017:54:09
63Jeff ConnEster, Alaska2:26:564:23:253:27:413:47:374:05:380:00:000:00:0018:11:17
713Dennis LabodaHovland, Minnesota2:30:024:26:393:39:053:42:134:01:340:00:000:00:0018:19:33
81Alix CrittendenBondurant, Wyoming2:33:294:32:293:37:503:43:304:00:380:00:000:00:0018:27:56
92Jerry ScdorisBend, Oregon2:41:534:42:173:45:584:04:174:13:120:00:000:00:0019:27:37
1012Frank MoeHovland, Minnesota2:33:064:44:093:52:074:06:594:32:540:00:000:00:0019:49:15
115Austin ForneyLeadville, Colorado2:45:224:49:204:05:254:19:344:21:180:00:000:00:0020:20:59
126Laura DaugereauKingston, Washington2:41:025:14:594:23:294:31:554:48:160:00:000:00:0021:39:41
134Chris AdkinsSand Coulee, Montana3:20:185:35:324:34:294:42:295:10:460:00:000:00:0023:23:34
1414Jeff AdkinsSand Coulee, Montana3:18:145:38:114:41:005:14:125:30:460:00:000:00:0024:22:23

2017 PEDIGREE STAGE STOP RACE January 27 - February 4, 2016

Jan 27Jackson9:00 AM - 1:00 PMVet Check at East Deloney Parking Lot. Open to the public.
2:00 - 3:00 PMDrivers' Meeting at the Antler Inn Conference Room
5:00 PMJackson Town Square event kick-off
6:30 PMRace Start, first teams leave the chute2 milesSnow KingMushers travel to Driggs, Idaho after the race.
Post RaceCelebration Party, Torchlight Parade and Fireworks at the Snow King Sports & Events Center in Jackson
Jan 28Driggs, Idaho9:00 AMStart and finish at Kay Dairy Trailhead32 milesMushers travel to Alpine after the race.
2:30 - 3:30 PMCommunity Meet & Greet in downtown Driggs, 2 locations
5:00 - 7:00 PMMusher Banquet at Alpine Community Center in Alpine
Jan 29Alpine9:00 AMRace Start and Finis at Greys River Trailhead58 miles
2:00 - 3:00 PMEukanuba 8-Dog Classic Awards at the Alpine Community CenterMushers travel to Lander after the race and 8-Dog Classic awards.
Jan 30Travel to Lander/ Day off3:30 PMMushers meet at Lander High School parking lot
4:30 - 6:00 PMCaravan to 200 block of downtown Lander for Meet & GreetLander Bake Shop hosts the 2016 Pedigree Stage Stop movie.
6:30 PMGannett Grill/Lander Brewing Company (not a banquet)
Jan 31Lander9:00 AMRace Starts at Louis Lake Road parking lot on South Pass, Hwy 2842 milesMushers drive to Pinedale after race.
6:00 PMRace Starts at Louis Lake Road parking lot on South Pass, Hwy 28
Feb 1Pinedale9:00 AMStart and finish at Upper Green River Trailhead, Cora42 milesCoraMushers travel to Big Piney/Marbleton after the race.
5:30 PMMeet the Mushers Dinner at the Marbleton Senior Center
Feb 2Big Piney/Marbleton9:00 AMRace Starts at Middle Piney Parking Lot, 13 miles west of Big Piney43 milesMushers travel to Kemmerer after race.
6:00 PMDinner and Program at the South Lincoln Training and Events Center in Kemmerer
Feb 3Kemmerer9:00 AMRace Starts at the end of Hams Fork Road, Hams Fork Trailhead43 milesMushers travel to Mountain View after the race.
3:30 - 4:30 PMMushers Meet & Greet at Triangle Park in downtown Kemmerer
Feb 4Uinta County/Evanston9:00 AMRace Start & Finish at Bear River Lodge south of Evanston41 milesEvanston`
5:00 PMAwards banquet doors open.
6:00 PMAwards banquet hosted by the Pedigree Stage Stop Race at The Round House in Evanston
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