Rusty Wilsey

8-DOG CLASSIC LINEUP Rusty Wilsey from Pinedale , Wy

Rusty Wilsey from Pinedale, Wyoming.

Rusty grew up in southwestern Washington running the family hunting hounds. Three years ago he handled dogs for his girlfriend during the 8-dog and fell in love with the sport. He began running dogs, and has raced in west Yellowstone, Ashton, and his hometown race in Pinedale. This will be his first experience running the Eukanuba 8-Dog Classic.

For several years he worked as a driller which he describes as long days, exhausting work, and at the end of the week you know you deserved your pay check. The thrill of operating heavy equipment is awesome, he says, but can be very dangerous at the same time. Now he installs windshields, garage doors, house windows, and glass showers for Pinedale Glass, and the excitement in his life is from sports.

“I’ll never let anything come between me and my love for the outdoors,” Rusty says. “Rock climbing, 4x4ing, fishing, rafting, horseback riding, and all the other fun weekend experiences may be a lot of work, but it’s always worth it in the end.”