3 Time Champion Anny Malo from Quebec, Canada

The 26th Pedigree Stage Stop Race has come to a conclusion. It was a tight race between 2 time past Champion Lina Streeper ( 36 ) from Fort Nelson BC and  Anny Malo ( 49 ) from Quebec Canada. During Stage 1 in Alpine Lina earned the right to wear the Yellow bib, with posting the fastest runtime. After the Pinedale Stage the Yellow Bib changed hands to Anny Malo and Anny claimed the fastest overall time after that stage.

She would not relinquish that top position and defend her title as Pedigree Stage Stop Champion for a third year in a row. Anny Malo has a finishing time of 14hrs 42 minutes and 35 Seconds after 225 Miles of racing. Only 18 minutes and 49 Second are separating first and second place. That is 5 seconds per Mile of racing.

Erik Laforce ( 54 ) claimed 3rd position overall, winning the Yellow Bib during the Kemmerer and final 7th Stage in Teton County.

4th place went to 16 time Stage Stop Finisher JR Anderson ( 41 ) from Buyck Minnesota. He ran a masterful race; continuously climbing up in the standings.

Warren, Frank, Laura

5th Place was hotly contended. In the end it was Rookie Diane Marquis ( 66 ) who surprised the competition with a strong showing during her first Pedigree Stage Stop Race.

Only 4 minutes and 7 Seconds separated 6th place finisher Alix Crittenden ( 33 ) and 7th place finisher Maria Torgerson ( 18 ). Alix is the highest placing finisher from the home State of Wyoming with driving dogs for Race Founder Frank Teasley of Jackson Hole Iditarod  Sled Dog Tours.

Elliot Rivest ( 16 ) in 8th place, Thad Mc Cracken ( 47 ) in 9th place and Austin Forney ( 39 ) are rounding out the Top 10.