Windy Day 3 in Pinedale

Howdy Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

Stage 3 in Pinedale is in the books. An interesting day it was. Talking to the Mushers after this stage was for sure entertaining. It was a very windy and snowy run.

When we took the Snowmachine out on the trail, there further we got, the more the weather deteriorated. The turnaround at Mile 17.5 pretty much came out of nowhere. It was blowing hard there. Needless to say we did not hand out there very long, and rather looked for a few different spots to get some shots.

Mushers stories varied from being clear blown off the trail, to missing the odd turn, to only being able to see their last 2 pairs of dogs.

The Standings have been shaken up a bit. Rachel Courtney had a stellar run. Ever since day 1 she has been climbing the ranks. Her 5th place today has brought her up to 9th place overall ( from 16th on day 1 ). Another team which has very steadily climbed in standings is Dave Torgerson. He finished third for the day and now sits in 4th overall.

Matter of fact, all Top 4 places are held by either the Malo-Rivest Kennel, or Streeper Kennels. That is very impressive. Despite Cathy Rivest declaring that she did not have any fun today, she put in an another solid performance with finishing 4th for the day, and she remains in 3rd overall.

Lina Streeper and Anny Malo pretty much came into the finish line together, which means that Anny had gained a bit more than 3 minutes on Lina Streeper. With that she keeps the yellow bib, and so far has won 3 of 3 stages.

We are now in beautiful Big Piney – Marbleton and have a reception coming up. Here some pictures from the day, enjoy: