A bit of number crunching after Lander Stage 2

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

now that was an exiting day of racing. During my morning interviews I was joking with Remy Coste about him taking 12 dogs. Of course he only went with 8. That served him very well yesterday. Today he can not really complain about coming in 2nd neither, but loading a dog with 8 for sure slows a team down.

Anny Malo had a clean run and it showed in her time. Like clockwork in the mid 15 mph range. Cathy Rivest and Michael Tetzner swapped positions. Cathy was 5th yesterday, 3rd today. Michael 3rd yesterday and 5th today. Overall they remained in their positions but are even closer together, less than a minute apart.

Laura Bontrager is putting in a super sold performance with running in 4th place each day, remaining in 4th place overall, but now only 10 seconds behind Michael Tetzner.

Typically after a few days the Mushers are grouped together. This year no different. Remy and Anny are now only 2 minutes and 12 seconds apart. The next tight group from Place 3 to 6 ( Jess Moore ) are only 3 minutes and 13 seconds apart.

Places 7 JR Anderson, 8 Mike Bestgen, 9 Rachel Courtney are only 13 SECONDS apart. They are for sure going to battle it out!

No difference for places 10 Donny Poulin, 11 Austin Forney, 12 Sarah Tarlton. They are separated by 43 SECONDS! And that after 57 Miles of racing.

This is going to be exiting for the next few days. From the looks of it, there will be little rest for the wicked. Start time has been moved to 8.30 a.m. due to the warm temperatures tomorrow here in Pinedale.

Another change is, that the Trails on the Upper Green River will be run twice, as the Big Piney section of the trail does not have adequate snow cover. The Mushers Meet and Greet will remain in Big Piney as previously scheduled and the race crew will also stay in Big Piney as previously planned. We just all have to drive back to the Upper Green River Trailhead on Tuesday one more time…..