A few videos from after the 1st Stage in Alpine.

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

well, Stage 1 in Alpine is in the books. Updates are coming a bit slow. Not for the lack of trying. Rather for the lack of Bandwidth. When the Stage Stop Family descends on these small towns, their Internet ( and cell ) services are pretty quickly maxed out from the influx of log ins.  I will post as things get uploaded to Youtube or as I get pictures send over via text. Once Jerry will make it to Pinedale tonight, he likely has much quicker Internet in the library there.

Here is a short Video of Alix Crittenden, 3 place finisher from last year, and the year before that, talking post Alpine Stage:

The second video is talking about Foot Care post run at Thad McCracken´s Truck. He left the starting line 16th.


Are you itching to see finishing times? Well….. me too. Stay tuned.