Alix Crittenden won Kemmerer Stage 4

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans.

tomorrow morning in Pinedale with Yellow Bib will change hands for the first time during the 2023 Race. Bondurants very own Alix Crittenden edged out Anny Malo Malo during todays 35 Mile Stage in Kemmerer. The average speed was a little shy of 14 mph with 13.6 mph average for Alix.

Kemmerer is a great Stage to come in first, as there is a special award: A 52 Million year old Fish Fossil. As Alix put it: ” Being outfitters, we have a lot of dead things on the wall. This will be the oldest dead thing.

Notably Donny Poulin put in a very strong run with being third for the day, edging out Cathy Rivest by 2 seconds, over 35 miles. Between 2nd and 5th Place Laura Bontrager are a mere 3 minutes. This shows how tight the competition is. We are now en route to Pinedale, where the race will start tomorrow morning at 9.a.m. at the Upper Green River trailhead.