Alpine, WY – Day 1

It was a big field with warm temps at 28 degrees, and as you can see from the results page, Eric Laforce came out on top with a time of 1:48:04 for the 28-mile course.
Followed by last years champion Lina Streeper at 1:48.53, Anny Malo at 1:49:12, Emilie Entrikin 1:50, Dave Torgerson 1:53, Rachel Courtney 2:51, Jeff Conn 1:54:20, Bruce Magnusson 1:54:40, Alix Crittenden 1:55,  and Tommy Bird at 1:56 rounding out the top 10 with the rest of the field not far behind.
Positions 11-16 are defiantly in the hunt for the top 10 spots.
Most teams looked good, and some teams came in almost as excited as they went out so perhaps they held back too much. And there were a few that defiantly struggled with the warm weather.
Tomorrow’s stage at Pinedale will be a bit longer, and it should be cooler. The wind usually blows a bit making things more comfortable for the dogs even on a warm day.
It’s anyone’s game at this point as most have just stretched their legs a bit, so it’s still a dice game.
Lack of any cellular signal at the race start tomorrow will hamper broadcasts and reports. So hang on, make your best predictions and we’ll see how it shakes out. I’ll still stick with my speed predictions in a previous post on each day’s MPH winning time.