And a few out of sequence pre Big Piney Interviews

Somehow I get the feeling that I did not get the coolest job this time around being; stuck on Yukon Island. I mean it is fun to be involved remotely. But I have been missing out on M&M’s galore. Never mind the concession trailer for lunch, then the Dutch oven desserts in Kemmerer. Now I am even getting pictures of Ice cream at the famous Farson Mercantile. Jealous!

Anyhow, we connectivity issues this morning, so here a few pre race interviews, a bit out of sequence. Tonight we are hoping to talk to Ryan Beaber and Ed Stielstra via zoom.

Alix Crittenden:


Buddy Streeper getting Lina’s sled ready:


Wendy Davie’s one of the Stage Stop Vets:


Ryan Beaber pre Big Piney Stage: