Austin Forney Returns

By: Jerry Bath

Austin and team are still at home in Leadville, Colorado. Elevation 10,152’ so acclimation is not an issue. He jokes that he has to come de-acclimate. His plans are to make the 650 mile trek to  Jackson (for his third straight year) on the 23rd. Austin usually does a school demonstration every year and this year Driggs, Idaho Elementary will get a great program I’m sure.

Although most of Colorado had less than ideal training conditions early on Austin made it work. He started training August 25th with 5 mile runs and didn’t get on a sled until December 23rd. Doing 45 mi runs.

He is training two teams of 12 dogs this year usually running every other day. His target goal for mileage is usually 900 before the race but this year he already has 1,100 miles

Austin also is the kennel manager at Alpine Adventures Dog Sledding a good sized operation with several well trained pups and employees. If your looking for a sled dog adventure, this is the

I’d bet on Austin to be in the top 10 this year. You won’t find a brighter smile anywhere. It’s just simply contagious.

Welcome back Austin!