Catching up with Tim Thiessen part 2

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

This is part 2 of the interview with Tim Thiessen ( below ). It is pretty interesting talking to the Mushers pre race. They live in very different areas, and their training conditions could not be more different neither. Whereas Tim is battling no snow and still training on an ATV, high up in the mountains near treeline;  Donny Poulin and Rachel Courtney in Manitoba do not have a mountain in sight, and have plenty of snow. Looking more east, to Quebec, Cathy Rivest and Anny Malo a plagued with yet again another challenge: Unseasonably warm weather and Rain. In the meantime German Musher Michael Tetzner did make is long treck overseas and has now arrived in training central: West Yellowstone. His comment: ” The trail is 20 dog team wide “.

A few pictures from the trail near Leadville Colorado. High Alpine Desert.


Here part 2 with Tim: