Day 1 Alpine, a few Musher Interviews JR Anderson, Gwenn Bogart, Austin Forney and Anny Malo

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

Jerry BATH caught up with some of the Mushers pre race.The tricky part is, that although there is ( limited ) cell service at the starting line, it is not fast enough to upload Youtube videos, so in-between Jerry has to drive back to the Hotel to upload from there.

Each morning Race Marshall Warren Palfrey holds a Mushers Meeting to inform about latest conditions, changes. Those meetings have always been outside during the Pedigree Stage Stop Race.

First up JR Anderson from Buyck Minnesota. ”  A little bit of snow ” does not seem to phase him. In past years JR is one to start the race conservatively, to then advance in the standings during the second half of the race


Next Up Anny Malo ” We all gotta race the same trail “


Next up Gwenn Bogart from Bolder Wyoming ” Anxious to get on the runners:


Austin Forney from Leadville Colorado ” See what I get out there “. He is the second team to go out. Starting order for day 1 was determined by sign-up order. Erick Laforce happy to start later in the pack.