Day 2 Lander Stage Wrap up

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

What a day! What a stage. I had never personally been on the Sinks Canyon Trail. Dang…. that really IS a climb up. Very beautiful seeing the teams snaking up all the different switchbacks. It was a cold start with 8 below F and did not really warm up all that much on the Top. Jordan and I made it to mile 16 with the Snowmachine, about a mile short of the turnaround. By that time we had too many teams come our way. Trail conditions were beautiful with a firm base. With the reverse starting order teams really started stacking up by the time they got close to the turn around. Anny Malo clearly had made a lot of time on Alix Crittenden. When we saw her again at Mile 30 Anny was several minutes ahead to Alix. Cathy Rivest put on the after burners on this leg, finishing it in 2nd place, still remaining in 3rd overall. Donny Poulin and Laura Bontrager round out the Top 5. Here the complete timesheets:

And finally pictures from the trail. Watch for the Daily Video on Youtube and Facebook by Greg Heister and Jordan Caskey.