Day 3, Kemmerer Stage pre race

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. The sunny and nice weather has come to an end and Wyoming weather is showing some teeth. Yup, it is snowing and blowing out. Here a quick view from the Motel Room. Mushers have been busy feeding and massaging their dogs for a while.

Linda Pierce’s Team is parked right infront of my door. After a good nights sleep it is time to head for the Kemmerer Trailhead, about 40 minutes away. Last night at the post superbowl party a couple of ” old timers “, were telling tales from the old Kemmerer days, when the stages were still longer. There was talk about teams getting  lost in deep snow and stuck in willows.  Stages have been cancelled here before. Lets hope we get some adversity, but not too much.

A little tougher trail conditions could be a game changer for some of the teams, who are usually training on less groomed trails. Anny Malo is still wearing the yellow bib with a 4 minute lead over Lina Streeper, followed by Alaska’s Jeff Conn.

Time to hit the trail, here a few videos from yesterday’s Pinedale Stage:

Rafael Nelson on Pinedale Stage

Elliot Rivest Slowmo on Pinedale Stage:

Allan Berge and Tim Thiessen on Pinedale Stage

Austin Forney on Pinedale Stage