Ed Stielstra leaving for the Big Piney Stage

Talking with Ed Stielstra and Laura Neese before the race, they revealed that they are both driving young teams. Well the Stage Stop for sure is a good proving ground for young dogs. It exposes them to all kind of new scenarios. Just leaving a starting line 7 times, basically packs the experience from 7 races in one. All the driving, living on the truck, learning to eat, drink, sleep in different surroundings is excellent training for a young team.

And then, of course the odd minor glitch is happening. I do not think that neither Anny or Lina would be very pleased, if they would have to stop right after leaving the chute. As close at these 2 teams are running, that could have a major effect on that stages outcome.

For Ed on the other hand, seconds do not really count. It is more about training and teaching dogs. Ed took his pitstop in stride: