First Impressions from Big Piney/Marbleton Stage

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans. What a stellar day to run dogs. The trail was excellent! It was cold, minus 26F in town this morning and minus 10F at the race start. Once the sun came up, it got warmer quickly. Yet it stayed perfect dog running temperature with only going up to 10 above.

After the usual 8 a.m. Mushers Meetings, where teams were given a quick description of what to expect, Mushers and Handler began to get their teams ready. With the colder temps a few teams elected to put booties on their dogs, or even some belly coats.

First team out was once again Allan Berge and last team out Anny Malo. I stopped at mile 8.9 for split times. and then again at mile 22.5. They will be posted later.

Here a few first impressions from the trail. And oh yes…. we have a new Yellow Bib Wearer tomorrow. Lina Streeper put on the heat. The beat Anny on todays run. By how much….. stay tuned for the official times:

Here a few shots: