Getting ready for Stage 3 in Pinedale

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans,

last night we gathered in the Pinedale Public Library for a fabulous dinner put on by the Pinedale 4h kids. The different events in the communities along the race trail are definitely what makes the Pedigree Stage Stop Race so special.

During the meeting each Musher introduced themselves. When it was Cathy Rivest’s turn she spoke about her finishing position being 3rd place during her past 2 races. Laura Bontrager sitting at the same table, finishing 4th last year, currently running in 4th position this year talked about how Pinedale was her best stage in 2023, with finishing 3rd. When the microphone went to Michael Tetzner, also sitting at the same table, he took claim to 3rd place also, as that is where he currently sits after 2 days of racing. I guess this tells it all, how tight the competition is.

The race start got moved up half an hour due to the warm temperatures and is now starting at the Upper Green River Trailhead at 8.30 a.m. In the past this run has been 34 miles. Time will tell what trail boss Matt Redwine will announce tomorrow morning. With it being the 3rd day of racing, likely no team will have any fresh dogs. Remy Coste might elect to run the 8 he finished so well with in Blackrock. Yet, the longer stage and warmer weather might pose a certain risk for that strategy. The first part of the trail is fairly flat in some very nice and open country. The later part once again has a pretty nice climb in it. On the way home all teams are likely going to be exposed to plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. It is going to be a fine line of holding the team back enough to not run out of gas during the final miles home.

One thing is for certain, we will have a yellow bib exchange tomorrow morning during the 7.30 a.m. Mushers Meeting, as Anny Malo had the fastest runtime today and Remy will have to relinquish the yellow bib.