Getting ready for Stage 5 in Kemmerer

Good Morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans.

Stage 5 in Kemmerer. How did that happen? Did we not just have the ceremonial Start in Jackson? After a warm welcome here last night at the Lincoln Training and Event Centre Mushers were busy taking care of their teams, long into the night. 135 Miles of very varied trails are behind the teams. This upcoming Kemmerer Stage has quite a bit of hillclimbing in it again. In last nights Mushers Meeting there was talk about the Inbound Teams having the right of way on the switchbacks. Meeting a team in a right corner can get pretty exiting at these high travel speeds.

Consistent over the last days Geneva Lyon will leave the starting chute first. Yesterday her start did not go quite smoothly with a wipeout right off the dog truck and then some sled issues resulting from that. Also consistently of the last Days Anny Malo is leaving last and keeping the yellow bib. Things will get busy at the Rivest truck for Marco, has his sister is leaving right ahead on Anny, having postet the second fastest runtime yesterday. Cathy, despite being a rookie to Stagestop, is proving to be a very competitive Musher, having finished 2nd twice in 4 runs. With the Pedigree Stage Stop Race also paying day money, this well definitely help with offsetting the travel expenses with coming all the way from Quebec.

Here a selections of shots from the last 4 days. Once again, no internet at the trailhead, so stay tuned for pictures and results from the day till about noon, 1 p.m.:

Dave Torgerson

24 Mushers and Handlers

Sebastian, Frank, Matt

Jerry Scdoris

Anny Malo