Getting ready for Stage 6 in Alpine

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

Here we are in Alpine, Stage 6, the second last Stage. It is setting up to be another warm run, as temperatures are right around the freezing mark this morning. The possible flurries, which were predicted overnight,  have not show up. Today’s race trail goes along the scenic Greys River. Its on a summer road, nice and wide. It’s also frequented by snowmobile tours. It is bound to be another fast run with there being no major climbs for the teams.

Remy Coste is having an 8 Minute 13 Second lead over 5 Time Champion Anny Malo. Time, or better said race miles, are running out for Anny to make moves. Will a rookie, although that name is not really fitting for Remy, win the 29th Pedigree Stage Stop Edition?

Laura Bontrager sits in 3rd place with a 5 minute 26 second lead over Cathy Rivest, who definitely had an ” off run ” in Kemmerer with finishing in 11th place there. Cathy needs a clean run to fend of Wyomings own Jess Moore, running out of JHI, filling in for Alix Crittenden. Jess is only 41 seconds behind Cathy after 5 days of racing.

Rachel Courtney sits with a comfortable leader over Michael Tetzner in 6th place, and during the past 2 Stages she has finished higher than Michael each time. Sarah Tarlton, Mike Bestgen and Austin Forney are rounding out the Top 10, each separated by about 4 minutes. So there is still some movement within these places possible, yet during the Kemmerer Stage all 3 of these teams were moving at very equal speeds, and were within 40 seconds of each other.

With Top 10 always coming with a bit of bragging rights, and Charlie Connor finishing 7th for the day in Kemmerer, he is still within striking distance for 10th place.

Last night we had a nice informal Pizza Dinner here in Alpine, for quite a few of the teams the ” Off day ” was not really an off day, as they took their extra dogs out for training runs. Being it in Pinedale like Michael Tetzner or here in Alpine like Cathy Rivest, Sarah Tarlton and Laura Bontrager. These Mushers never really seem to get an off day!

Happy trails everbody.