Getting ready for the final Stage in Driggs Idaho

Commentary by Jerry Bath
As we find ourselves entering the last leg of the 2022 Pedigree Stage Stop Race it’s packed with bittersweet emotions for all. However, it’s still a race and anything’s possible.
Defending 3-time champion Anny Malo has a commanding lead of 20 minutes. Lina Streeper seems to get better every day and is gaining time, but not quite enough to take the top position.
Stage Stop rookie Cathy Rivest is doing a superb job running the B team for Rivest-Malo kennel and is a solid 3rd overall. Dave Torgerson running the B team for the Streeper’s is solid 4th overall. The same can be said for long time veteran to this race JR Anderson in 5th.
Hans Gatt and Alix Crittenden are in a battle for the 6&7 spots just seconds apart from each other. Austin Forney has run a very smart race to this point and is 8th overall; the same with Bruce Magnusson in 9th and Jake Robertson filling out the top 10 positions. However, many positions, especially 5-12, are anyone’s guess. It will all come down to who has a clean run or who has a few problems.
The Driggs trail presents lots of climbs and descents. Being the 7th day and final Stage of this year’s Stage Stop, it will come down to what you have left in the tank — period. This leg is known for big changes in the past so I hate to speculate too much about the race tomorrow.
The weather shouldn’t be too big a factor; almost a perfect forecast is predicted. Alix has a game plan as I’m sure does Hans, what a tight one for them. If Austin continues his smart calculations he’ll be a solid 8th overall. Bruce and Jake, however, are separated by a little over 2 minutes and Bruce has been advancing the last couple stages. The same with Jake and Rachel. Ryan is running a fairly solid 12th with the balance of the field separated by only minutes. So as I see it there are so many races within this final push to the finish that it’s still an exhilirating performance by all.
Come on out or stay tuned. You never know about coverage at the race site but we’re hoping to provide something somewhere somehow at several locations. Just know that we are and doing our level best to bring you the most complete coverage possible. Stay tuned and keep rooting for your favorites.
Taking a look at yesterday’s split times:
Looking at Lina’s splits shows a very consistent run, top to bottom. However, with so many other variables to consider — wildlife along with other trail traffic being just one. The race runs predominantly on trails groomed by Wyoming State Trails that’s funded mostly by snow machine permits. How lucky we are!