Good morning from Driggs Idaho

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans,

It is a warm morning with 16F. We likely will see temperatures above freezing later in the day. That is a big change from Monday in Pinedale, where it was well into 30 below.

Anny Malo will wear the yellow bib again and leave the starting chute last. Alix Crittenden is in 2nd place, 20 Minutes behind Anny. The second team for the Rivest Kennel drive by Cathy Rivest is 10 Minutes and 38 seconds behind Alix.

We are seeing a real tight race for the Positions 8 to 10. Austin Forney, Rachel Courtney and Sarah Tarlton are all within 3 Minutes and 36 seconds of each other.

One more day of fun racing! Here is the recap from yesterdays Alpine Stage: