Good morning from Pinedale Stage 3

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,its chilly this fine morning here in Pinedale. After pretty much living in a snow globe over the last days, ever since the Vet Check on Friday, today we are greeted by 25 below F ( minus 32 C )….. We have a 45 minute drive to the upper Green River Trail head. Teams will hit the trail in reverse starting order. Same as yesterday Christina Gibson is going to be the first team out, followed 3 minutes later by Randy de Kuiper and Chris Adkins. On the tail end: Alix Crittenden will go out 3rd to last, followed by 2 teams from the Rivest Kennel. Cathy had the 2nd fastest time yesterday and Anny Malo once again wears the yellow bib.

We are already seeing a few tight races between Mushers 5th place Musher Donny Poulin from the Pas and 6th place finisher Mike Bestgen from St Cloud Minnesota are only 1 Minute apart. For 9th and 10th place Austin Forney is 38 seconds ahead of Rachel Courtney.

Here is a great visual recap of day 2 in Lander: