Good morning from the Pinedale Stage

Good morning race fans were here at the upper Green River Lakes Trail head headwaters the green river monsters are staging with a full moon in the background clear skies -8°F today’s going to be an interesting day excellent nice hard pack trail who is going to make a statement today who’s going to hold off for a day or two until they get more comfortable people going to have to start making their move today and tomorrow we should see some exciting changes there should be a split probably four different races within a race by the end of today.


With the slowest out first we should see different packs separate the question will be how much space do you leave between them. Traditionally Pinedale is been the place where positions are in place

I would look in positions changing for Alex JR Ken and possibly Austin today change it can JR be consistent that will be the key Alex is going to have to step up knowing what’s ahead of her is Eric too far back to make a statement can Lina Anny and Diane’s really separate themselves today leaving Eric through JR to separate again and then maybe sat down to Austin is another pack Elliot down to Bruce Magnusson and then to Kuiper through Bieber and a dick in a separate group.

Today is the day I may want to wear my red suit with the winds coming straight out of the north right off the green river it can be a bit chilly