Good Morning from the Vet Check in Jackson

The Pre Race Vet Check is an integral part of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race. Each dog gets a thorough exam before the race and vaccination paperwork is also checked. It is always impressive to see Mushers loose drop their large group of dogs. It is one thing to have one pet dog under voice control ( or not ), but doing the same with 20+ dogs, away from their usual surrounding, is pretty spectacular. It is a testament to the bond the mushers have with their dogs. The  Mushers of the ” big rig ” at the beginning of the video are Anny Malo and Elliot Rivest ( her son ) with husband ( and handler ) Marco.

Wet snow at about 25F is greeting the mushers this morning. That snow system is supposed to linger overnight and temperatures remain much the same for tomorrow. It actually is 30F in Alpine right now, where the 1st stage will begin at 9 a.m.

Enjoy the 4 minute Video: