Interviews pre Stage 7, Teton, Thad McCracken, Anny Malo.

Good morning Pedigree Stage Stop Race fans,

the morning started off with a little excitement, the road being closed at Antelope Flats for about 45 minutes due to high winds and blowing snow and black ice. At the race site it as about 23F above and cloudy. Teams have gone underway and there was ( spotty ) cell coverage for a few Facebook live videos. Everybody seems to enjoy the new trail head, with much easier access and parking. let’s see what the mushers say after the run! .

Here is what Thad McCrackens handlers had to say pre stage:


The morning mayhem of getting everybody parked. Matt Redwine,  the trail boss,  showing the monster trail drag:


Catching up with Anny Malo and Marco Rivest. They had some adventures getting to the race site in blowing snow: