JR Anderson on Big Piney Stage

JR Anderson has definitely made a reputation for himself, of mastering very steady runs. His split times are usually near perfect. While in past years he had to adjust his run style to older dogs in his team, this year he seems to have more depth in his group of dogs.

Besides his own breeding, Jeff Conn from Fairbanks Alaska might have something to do with that, as JR bought some nice dogs from him, which seem to fit well into the team.

JR finished 7th in Alpine. 4th in Pinedale. 4th in Kemmerer and 3rd today in Big Piney. Overall he has climbed to 4th position and is currently running about 6 minutes behind 3rd place Musher Erick Laforce. Last year JR had one of his strongest runs in Lander. His team does very well in hills. The race is on between Erick and JR: