Lander Stage 5, Anny Malo reclaimed the yellow bib

What a stellar day to race. South Pass can be a real windy spot. Just looking at the trees leaning all to one side, says it all. The Mushers were lucky today. Next to no wind and great temperatures to run dogs. At least early in the morning, it did heat up throughout the day.

And that was not the only thing which heated up. The competition too. This morning Marco Rivest joked to Bud Streeper: ” Don’t get that yellow bib dirty, we want it back clean. ” We snow machined out on the trail and stopped split times at Louis Lake, Mile 9. At that point Anny Malo had already gained a little less than 2 minutes on Lina Streeper. When we took the second set of splits at about Mile 23.5, Anny had made even more time on Lina. She was close to 4 minutes ahead at that point. Amazingly enough we had such good cell coverage out there, that we were able to to a Facebook live feed of the passing teams. The Yellow bib will go back to Anny after this run.

The final results for the day will be out soon. Stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy the shots from the trail: