Mushers Meeting and Antler Arch Shots

Hello Pedigree Stage Stop Race Fans,

the Mushers meeting has concluded. It was short and sweet, with having a very experienced group of Mushers here. Head Vet Veronica Devall introduced her team and talked about a few things to watch with this warm weather. Matt Redwine the Trail boss gave an overview of trail marking and what to expected during the next stages. The trail compacting factor is 22. Abby and Jeremiah will once again drive along with the concession trailer and a whole bunch of goodies. Of course Race Marshal Warren Palfrey, Race Director Dan Carter and Assistant Race Director Dianna Lehn also had a few remarks. Here are a few shots from this afternoon. Next up the Ceremonial Start at 6.30 p.m. Double barrel start. Remy Coste and Cathy Rivest each carrying a dignitary from the Mars Corporation will leave the chute first.